Friday, December 3, 2010

Sleep-Deprivation of Minors

I was pondering what gives a writer the feeling of, "Hey, I'm doing all right."  You could make a big-time best-seller list.  You could get a rave review in a major publication, or a bunch of 5-star reviews on Amazon.  Can't say I've experienced any of those (yet), but still, I've thought about it.

My favorite?  Knowing I'm contributing to the sleep-deprivation of minors.

You know that feeling--when you start reading a book and before you know it, it's three in the morning ... then four ... then the sun's coming up.

Well, with a day job and grown-up responsibilities, I can't indulge in that very often anymore.  Maybe on weekends.  And professionally, I can't recommend any teenagers do so on a school night.

Still, finding out a 15-year-old started reading my story and couldn't put it down until six in the morning (during Thanksgiving break, boss!) kind of made my day.

Another one on the self-affirmation list: Having teenagers finish reading it and immediately ask, "Where's the next one?"

That's when I think to myself, "It worked."