Sunday, March 7, 2010

While Waiting

I got my first request for a full on Friday (prompting a weekend-long happy-dance).  While it's not out on an exclusive basis, I have various reasons for waiting a bit before querying further.  Thus, I find it's time to make a list:

Things to Do While Waiting on an Agent

  1. Work on the sequel  (I know, I know ... sell the first one first.)
  2. Try hand at short stories  (First attempt seen here, more "sincere" attempt underway.)
  3. Reorganize a closet or two  (or three ...)
  4. Do stuff for the day job  (Should this be higher on the list?)
  5. Consider learning another language  (ASL? Check. French? Semi-check. Spanish, which would be particularly useful? D'oh!)
  6. Watch episodes of Mythbusters and Dirty Jobs  (Am I the only one waiting for these two shows to collide?)
  7. Back I've Been Deader  (Hey, where'd that come from?!)
  8. Reconsider languages  (I wanna learn Welsh ... but why?)
  9. Ponder what would happen if Roombas became self-aware  (I mean, really, think about it.)
  10. Read "real" books  (Got a stack of seven waiting for me.)
There's my first ten.  What do you do while waiting for an agent's response?


Selestiele said...

Oh, dear. Number 7. It's trickled into non-Authonolife? Splink will be so proud. haha

I haven't sent queries out to agents yet, but when I do, numbers 1, 2, 4, 5, and 10 would be on my list. Cleaning my house *should* be on the list, but I refuse to consider it.

R.C. Lewis said...

I figured my blog hasn't been hijacked yet, so I might as well hijack it myself. ;)

Piratina said...

Okay, I laughed out loud at Back I've Been Deader.

R.C. Lewis said...

Splinks still hasn't found this. I'm going to have to drop some hints on facebook. ;-)

Ivy and Haley said...

This made me giggle, a lot. You forgot about checking your email, updating your blog, and seeing if chocolate somehow magically appeared in your fridge!

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