Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Touch of Good News

A few good things that have happened lately:
  • I made the "Literary Agent Showcase" round on WEbook's PageToFame contest.  (See, here's proof!)
  • While we're talking about PageToFame, "Assumptions" made it out of the Shorts round.  (Still waiting to see what that means.)
  • "Significantly Other" was published by Crossed Genres.  (Not bad for my first "serious" attempt at at a short story.)
  • I survived IEP Intensive.  (Not related to writing, other than being the reason I couldn't do much writing for the past month.)

Otherwise, I'm still in the agent hunt, still working on Book #3, and jotting down some pre-writing notes for a brand-spanking-new idea.

I'm also counting the weeks until Thanksgiving break.  For the record, it's at five.


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