Friday, March 9, 2012

Deceptive Appearances

My lovely friend Tracy Jorgensen has beta-read two of my manuscripts for me (so far), and both times has included fan-art sketches with her feedback. I won't post the one for Significantly Other because it's slightly spoilerish (kinda-sorta). More recently, she did this sketch for Fingerprints, my much beloved ms #1.

There are the twins, Taz on the left, Raina on the right. Taz has a bowl of yummy, fudgy goodness. Raina (poor thing) got a stinky pile of dog poop.

Think about it. From a distance (and especially from an image so your nose isn't involved), the two might look kind of similar, right? Tracy had a whole analogy about the ms to go with it. Maybe I'll share it sometime.

Meanwhile, I'd love to hear your interpretation. What are two things that look very similar on the surface, but upon closer inspection, one is awesome and the other ... not so much?

Come on, creative types! What's the best you can come up with? (Or maybe just a silly caption for the picture?)

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Mindy McGinnis said...

HOORAY TANSY!!! You're a talented gal. But you also had good source material to work with :)