Friday, December 21, 2012

What's Up With the Name of the Blog?

Admit it—some of you have been wondering about "crossing the helix" for a while.

The name originally goes back to the series of novels I was working on when I started the blog. It ended up being a trilogy—the first three novels I ever wrote. If you read those stories (and a few of you have), the name makes sense.

However, that's not the story I'm debuting with. I have hope that someday I'll get them out there (after some re-tinkering—see Wednesday's post). At this moment, though, it doesn't appear to have much to do with anything.

I've kept the name anyway. Here's why.

For one thing, sentimental value. Those first three novels got me on this road to being an author. I went from "Hey, I wonder if I can write a book" with the first one, to "You know, I think I really have a shot at this" by the last one.

More importantly, I think it can still have some meaning, if very abstractly. It's all about a journey ("crossing").

A helix is generally a spiral, and more specifically a three-dimensional one. Think of the thread of a screw. To travel on such a path, you would typically walk along it like a spiral staircase. You're moving upward, but not in the most direct way. It's a little meandering, but it'll get you there.

And once in a while, you make a leap. You "cross the helix" to a higher point by a shorter route. I made some leaps this year. I signed with an agent. She sold my book.

There's still a lot of "helix" left to travel.

So, for now, the blog name will stay.


Matt Sinclair said...

I've always liked the name of your blog, actually

Richard said...

Cool. I was wondering about it.

SC Author said...

I like it :D