Thursday, July 22, 2010

While Waiting: Part 2

A few months ago, I posted a list of things to do while waiting on an agent.  Agent #1 still has the full, and now two more agents have it as well.  (My latest attempt at a query letter actually has legs!)  So, more waiting.  Here's what I have gotten/am getting done, and it's nice to see some of these are progressions from the first list.

  • Finished Book 2 in the series and Book 3 is well underway.
  • Wrote two "real" short stories that I'm working on submitting.
  • Packed up my classroom to be relocated this fall when they renovate half our building.
  • Helped my dad with yard work, woodworking projects, and whatever else he needed a slave for.
  • Got elevated to Round 3 in WEbook's PageToFame system.
  • Worked with my sister to design two covers, seen here (just for fun, and in case I end up self-pubbing).
  • Hung out with my awesomely awesome friend for a weekend (rare treat since she now lives 2000 miles away).
  • Read a lot of books (Darkest Powers trilogy, Mortal Instruments trilogy, first two books in The Hunger Games trilogy ... is Mockingjay out yet?)

A lot of that looks like work.  Here are some additions for the To Do list:

  • Figure out how and when to get together with the inimitable T.L Tyson (in my country, hers, or another one altogether ... doesn't matter)
  • Possibly find time to visit my cousin in Mississippi (though the humidity might scare me off)
  • Plan a trip to Rochester, NY to visit the friend mentioned above, plus anyone else I knew back in grad school that's still there.

Hmm, all of that involves travel and interacting with humans outside of cyberspace.  That might be a clue.

Anyone else have fun ways of keeping your mind off the waiting game?


awesomely awesome friend stated above said...

You can always dance to the music playing in the grocery store while you are loading up your cart :)
It help me kill the time and puts a smile on people's faces when they see me tap dancing with my Fedora down the aisle.

R.C. Lewis said...

:-D Nice idea, but the music they play in the local grocery stores make me want to run away more often than dance down the aisle. :-X