Friday, June 15, 2012

Looking for Love in All the Lame Places

I'm admittedly picky about reality television. It's a mixed bag, as I'm sure anyone who's glanced at any would agree. I like talent-based shows (America's Got Talent, So You Think You Can Dance?) and competitions like The Amazing Race. That last one sometimes devolves into drama and pettiness, which I'm not so crazy about. I've only watched a couple of seasons of Survivor for the same reason.

For me (my personality, disposition, whatever), the absolute worst are the dating shows.

Full disclosure: I've never actually watched so much as a single episode of The Bachelor. My opinion is based entirely on commercials and listening to other people talk about the shows. It's been more than enough for me. Every time I see those commercials, I find myself yelling at the TV.

And there are so many of them now. Love in the Wild (dating show meets Survivor). Take Me Out. The Choice (dating show meets The Voice ... clearly).

I might've been interested in Beauty and the Geek if they'd made it hot guys and a brainy girl. Maybe. A friend in college claimed if you pay attention to wedding announcement photos, the guy and gal are either equally attractive or the girl is distinctly better looking. So seeing that flipped around could have at least intrigued me.

With this many shows, though, clearly people are interested. There's a reason for the popularity. Something I can't see, I guess. Is it seeing the shallow interplay, mocking it, or is there something more?

If any of you are fans and can enlighten me, I'd love to hear about it.

Are there things that are popular with others and you just don't understand?


Matt Sinclair said...

I'm with you, but I think it's similar to how drivers slow down near a motor vehicle accident. Some aren't looking and merely slowing to make sure everyone's safe. But many others want a chance to see gore or carnage or human suffering, so they can shiver the tingles away and thank God it wasn't them.

Monica Goulet said...

I have to admit I've been a die-hard fan of the Bachelor/ Bachelorette since they first started. I think the draw for me is that I've always been really interested in relationships - why some people work together and others don't and though it's obviously not a real life situation, putting people in those kind of extremes to pick a potential partner really highlights some of those reasons. And I also won't deny the fact that I'm a sucker for drama:)

E.B. Black said...

I like competitive shows as well, but am not a big fan of the talent shows because they have no storyline. Beauty and the Geek was actually a competition, not a dating show at all. They were male/female teams, but they never became more than that. There was only one couple on the entire series really and they weren't even team mates. I actually really enjoyed that show.

I used to watch the Bachelor and the Bachelorette though, it was the one dating reality show I ever watched. I guess the appeal is the exotic and romantic locations they visit and all the romantic language they use towards each other, but it quickly got old. It was too fake and the drama was over the top. The commercials for the show are actually completely misleading. The things they advertise as going to happen almost never happen.