Friday, June 22, 2012

A Round of Applause for the Visual Arts

On Wednesday, I mentioned that it took a long time for me to discover/realize/admit I had any type of creativity inside me. Acknowledging that my writing had any artistic value took a little longer. There's one thing, though, that remains an unchanging truth.

I can't draw.

Add to that the fact that I can't paint, sculpt, or do anything else under the umbrella of visual arts. My brother and sister got that talent. When we started playing DrawSomething against each other, I figured my attempts would be pitiful next to theirs. (Fortunately, phone-sized touchscreens are the great equalizer.)

It's not one of my strengths, and I'm okay with that. I think it's helped me appreciate those who do have talents in that area.

You know who doesn't appreciate the talent and hard work required? Those clients featured on Clients From Hell. Seriously. As the sister of a graphic designer, I find it mind-boggling.

To counter those non-appreciators, here's some appreciation. Once upon a time, I taught an eighth-grade girl named Lynn some math. Fast forward about a decade, and we got back in touch. She doesn't draw professionally, just doodles for fun, but that doesn't stop me from following her Tumblr religiously.

Have you seen the Hatchet Cat featured on Mindy McGinnis's Saturday Slash query critiques? Yeah, Lynn drew that.

So, for Lynn, my siblings, and everyone else who can draw things that make me go ♡♥♡, I raise my glass (of root beer) to you!


wljennings said...

I love math Mondays. This one reminds me of folding the circle.
Hand out to the kids a bunch of precut paper circles and have them fold it in half, they just created the straight line. Now with the circle folded back out have them fold the straight line on itself. They have found the center, AND also they can now fold lines between the points created on the perimeter to make a square! Oh and we aren’t done yet, oh no: fold back out to the circle, now fold the edge of the circle to the center and repeat this twice each time fold line meet at the perimeter: Glory Alleluia! An equal lateral triangle! They have just created some basic elements of geometry with nothing but circular action on circular action. Is that COOOULL or what?

E.B. Black said...

I can't do visual arts either, but I can play piano and write.

And I've always loved the way hatchet cat looks, so it's good to know who drew it!