Friday, August 24, 2012

"Thank You" Isn't Dead

I'm finishing out the first week of school. It's been a busy week, in an uneventful way. More students to teach than I've had in the last six years combined. Using my voice all the time (and trying to restrict my hand movements).

I remember one thing that struck me back when I started at my last school, working with deaf kids. A lot of them would say thank you when I was handing out papers. Part of me wanted to say, "I just gave you a calculus test—what are you thanking me for?" Really, though, I appreciated it.

Yet this week, it struck me again. Kids getting up to leave at the end of class, several of them thanking me as they walk out.

Teenagers, mind you. Around fourteen years old, most of them.

Yes, teenagers can be cynical. Teenagers can be rude.

They can also be awesome.

Pretty much like the rest of us.


Richard said...

Gotta love 'em.

E. M. LaBonte said...

That is awesome. It's nice to know that some things have stuck. Gives me hope.

Anonymous said...

That really is awesome. Gratitude is such an important thing.