Friday, August 3, 2012

When the Circadian Rhythms Are Offbeat

I've been told our bodies have a natural rhythm of sleep and wakefulness influenced by the sun (or its absence in the sky). Generally, sleepy when it's dark, wakey-wakey when it's light.

It's never quite worked for me the way they say it should.

My inclination is definitely to be a night owl. I could happily stay up until the wee hours of the morning. I do a lot (but not all) of my writing later in the day and into the night. That makes my choice of day-job problematic—primarily because it happens during the day. I love teaching, though, and I love the age levels I work with. (Yeah, teaching afternoon/evening classes at a college could solve the problem, but it's not what I want to do right now.)

So, I find myself living a hybrid life. During the school year, I force myself to follow a reasonable sleep schedule, although I'll push it a little on weekends. Then during summer break, I'll shift more to night-owl mode.

This works out pretty well most of the time, but it causes problems at this time of year—when I have to readjust myself back to school-mode.

At least this year I don't have to commute.


Anonymous said...

Oh, you have a commute...just down to 300 yards from the miles and miles that it was last year.

Mike Lewis said...

Until we move, my commute is still shorter than yours... only 30 feet from my bedroom to the home office. lol. Even after we move, though, it will not be like your old commute (city to city)... it will probably be at the most just across town.