Thursday, December 31, 2009

Enter 2010

I'm not a New Year's Resolutions type.  If I need to change something in my life, why wait 'til January 1st?  I do, however, think the turnover is a nice time to take stock.

What got done this year?  What still needs to get done?

I can tell you one thing.  On January 1, 2009, I had no idea I'd finish the year with a completed novel, let alone thoughts of getting it published.

This year, I wrote Fingerprints and slowly started educating myself on the publication process.  Things shifted into high-gear (and high-reality) when I joined Authonomy and then AgentQuery Connect.

Now I know more than I realized I didn't know before.  I've got a decent query letter ready to go out (I hope), a solid synopsis ... and, oh yeah, there's already a promising partial out there.  (Everybody, cross your fingers, please.)

What will 2010 bring?  No telling, really.  But I can hope for an agent and more progress on the road to publication.  Maybe entering ABNA (or maybe not).  Definitely finishing the sequel to Fingerprints.

There's always my day job, too.  Getting more kids to learn math and hate it a little less, if I can help it.

I hope the new year brings lots of good things for all of us ... May we all have the energy we need to get the work done!

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