Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Story Behind the Cover

When it comes to visual arts, I'm not talented.  My siblings are.  My sister, in her brilliance, designed the cover image.  The thumbprint is obviously connected to the title Fingerprints.  (The story behind that is ... another story.)

The rest of the design reflects the following excerpt from the book:

Beyond a grassy slope, a vast city stretched before us.  Many of the central buildings reached at least twenty stories, the architecture like nothing I’d ever seen.  Yet the most prominent feature was a clear line running down the middle near us, like a wide luminescent street.  There was no doubt it was more than the main drag; it was a literal division of the city.

To the right, the buildings were beyond modern, yet somehow organic, twisting and flowing in ways that made me wonder how they could be structurally sound.  The colors were varied and subtle, tints of orange blending into pinks, then lavenders and blues.  On the left, the buildings were equally beautiful, yet sleek and efficient, with sharp angles and clean lines.  That entire side of the city gleamed bright with white and silver, completely unlike the flowing colors of the other.

Not a literal interpretation, obviously, but I like the symbolism.

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