Saturday, December 5, 2009

RANDOM: Musings on Celebrity

I had this thought ages ago.  Might as well document it for posterity.

Every time I go to the grocery store and see tabloid headlines about so-and-so breaking up with what's-his-name, I wonder why I'm supposed to care.  Every time I see fans gushing and going into hysterics over the hottie-du-jour, I wonder if they think of him as a human being.

Celebrities are like the popular people in high school.  I have the same "outsider" perspective on both, since I'm not famous, nor was I popular in high school.

(I'll pause while you recover from the shock.)

While I wasn't popular, I was friends with some people who were, and I observed the behavior of others.  This was easy to do for a quiet, shy person such as myself.

(Okay, I'll give you another minute.  I know, these revelations are earth-shattering.)

Bottom line: Some of the kindest people I knew back then were some of the most popular.  Some of the social high-rankers were jerks.  Scum of the earth.  I could only hope they'd either grow out of it, or crash and burn when reality hit.

Their popularity had absolutely nothing to do with the quality of their character.  Their popularity told me nothing about whether they were worth knowing.  It only gave them a wider audience.

Same goes for celebrities.  I don't care about Jennifer Aniston's love life any more than I cared about the head cheerleader's.  And if I ever ran into the latest piece of guy-candy, I wouldn't go to pieces any more than I did if some cute guy said two words to me in high school.

(Okay, when cute guys acknowledged my existence, I'm pretty sure my heart rate skyrocketed.  The point is, I didn't show it ... I hope.)

So in my perfect world (which I'll run someday), people will be treated as people, regardless of social status.

Now, off I go to the grocery store.

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